Tower Blast

About Game:
Tower Blast is an adventurous strategy genre game, in which you have to defeat your enemies. Damage the enemy tower by shooting it or using items. Defend your tower so that it is not bombed by the enemy. While mastering all 50 levels you can complete several challenges to earn coins. You can select characters like the nasty crow, the mighty ice troll, the powerful wizard, and many more to unlock their special abilities, for example, poison, lightning, freeze, and others. Upgrade up your tower and your weapons to make it unbeatable. You can challenge your friends in the upcoming multiplayer mode.

Get ready for reckless challenges in the Tower Blast! You’ll have a great time through this fantastic game.

The game “Tower Blast” is ported to Google Play Store for Android users and on for PC users. It is free to play and has no in-app purchases.

Tower Blast Features:

  •  Easy built-in controls
  •  Gameplay with Smooth controls
  •  High-quality graphics
  •  Free to Play
  •  In-app purchases
  •  Strategy game

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