Ale Jimenez Valadez is a Pixel Artist

Tell me about yourself?

I’m Mecha Brain, a nonbinary pixel artist and animator from Mexico who has a background in mechatronic engineering, but I only program on my free time, I love minigames I have a few of my own, my main goal is to be an amazing pixel artist


I love Star Wars, LOTR, Doctor Who, anime and most of all the nerdy stuff


Tell me about your work experience?

I started working as a pixel artist and game dev about two years ago, after the pandemic started; I wanted to earn money from home so I give it a shot to sell my services with simple animations, character design and game dev, so I was a freelancer, I participate in a lot of cool projects, some unfortunately where not launched because of personal issues of the devs I work with, but I really enjoyed working with all of them because I learned a lot of the game industry, I keep doing freelancing until the beginning of 2022 when I got my first contract as a full time pixel artist and animator and now I work full time in what I’m good and I enjoy


At what age did you start doing work and developed a love for artwork?

I was 22 when I started doing pixel art, it was a year before I finished college and since the moment I started drawing cute stuff with just squares I felt in love with it, it was like an instant crush

How did you develop a fondness for artwork?: I think it was when I discover I could use my art to express myself and how I felt,


Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?

no, I’m actually pretty new to all this art world, but I’ve been taking a lot of courses and learning a lot


From where did you learn this?

I learned the basics of pixel art from Mort Mort an extremely talented youtuber who made some pretty handy tutorials to understand pixel art


Why did you choose art as a profession?

because I enjoy doing pixel art a lot, I think it is a beautiful way of doing art, and I’m happy to say I can eat and pay my bills thanks to my art


Who are your biggest influences?

I would say MortMort because his art style is gorgeous and he also develops games, I would like to follow his way


How do you become a successful artist?

I think discipline and passion have been something that has help me becoming successful as an artist


What makes you good and different from others?

I think I’m good adapting my art to my clients needs and also I always give my extra to every project, so I really commit and people can feel that


What does your art represent and does art mean to you?

I think most of the art I made represents nostalgia, represents fictional worlds with amazing stories to be told, and for me it means a perfect way to show my feelings and to find peace among colorful squares

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