Alex de Faria Barbosa

Success Story: Alex de Faria Barbosa

A graphic designer is similar to an engineer and not only has an eye for colors but also has clung to complex practical details. They are the people building a bridge between the art and the functional goal-centered design. Graphic designers mix the power of art and functionality within the limits of particular goals.

Each successful designers have followed a variety of paths to achieve their goals. If you want to pursue a designer, you can draw inspiration from the life of the following designer.

Alex de Faria Barbosa is a graphic designer who loves doing artwork from his childhood.

I belong to Brazil where I spent most of my life studying Fundamentals and Digital Sculpt even until nowadays. I became a professional illustrator. I had never thought of art as a way of making practically because in the old days I worked as a factory worker, thus used to draw just as a hobby. I kept thinking this way until 2012. But when I first became interested in Games, CG art, Mangas, and Card Games, I realized to adopt artwork as a profession.

After I studied Art Fundamentals at “Kinoene Art School” in early 2014. From that moment everything started slowly coming together like an infinite looping: “joy, blood, sweat, and many tears”. I finally decided to go to another way but focused on games. That’s when I met an online platform called “Black Fox Studio” in early 2017, and I’ve studied them until 2019.

How did Alex de Faria Barbosa develop a fondness for artwork?
Previously I didn’t have access to computers and the Internet. But in the Library, I had the pleasure to leafing-through a magazine with sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci. These sketches of Leonardo da Vinci from where I got fondness, perhaps I was around 8 years old at that time. Therefore I never have forgotten it until now and always attached it to Old Masters.

How do Alex de Faria Barbosa become a successful artist?
Alex believes that successful Artist is not only improved in art but also improves as a person and always helps your family. He always tries to improve both!

Alex said he learned this from Kim Jung Gi, Adrian Smith, Marat Ars, Diego de Almeida Peres (his current artists’ influences).

Did you study artwork?
Yes, starting with old masters, Da Vinci until Adrian Smith. Many copies!
However, I don’t think it has anything to do with the education system or art-skill based in universities. Only 20% in online courses and 80% to focus on the practice self-taught into the home!

From where did you learn this?
I’ve had a lot of help, especially the God, parents, manager of my old work and friends: indications, financial, platforms, internet, events, etc. There are too many ways that influenced the path for my apprenticeship. Counting of course my art masters!

Why did you choose Illustration as a profession?
There is a life/work/passion balance I usually try to maintain and I try to devote all my energy to art. I never found it before exploring other areas: 3D, Environment, Logo, Banner, Creature Design, etc.

So I thought: “Why didn’t I gather everything???”. I put all together and this resulted in my choice in Illustration.

What makes you a good Illustrator?
Being very curious and reading a lot – from ancient until nowadays. Reading broadens your imagination, especially if you are an Artist, regardless of their artistic area!

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