Upcoming Game: ALIVE

Alive is presented by the Open Door Games. The team is working hard to make the best game in the gaming list. The developers are two childhood friends who focus on creating story-based games.

Alive is a coming soon in the list of puzzle and adventure game. It will be only available on Steam, but the developers also aim for porting the game on XBOX, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.

The game has an escape room and it is an indie puzzle format game. Alive has no in-game purchases.

Alive is a 3D puzzle game with wonderful visuals. Alive is a storytelling video game, in which there are two characters named Chris and professor William Johnson. Chris is a young 20 years boy, he is not financially strong. He lives alone in a small apartment. He is doing a job with less pay and he hates his job. Chris tries out a game he saw in his popup ads to pay his apartment rent.

The professor is a psychologist. Due to bad experiences in his life, William wants to show everyone the other side of human’s thirst for money, so he creates a game ALIVE and offers a price for the winner.

Help Chris to win the price to pay his apartment rent. Chris will face a lot of challenges. He will have many hurdles in his path to escape the room.

Game’s Features:

  • High-quality graphics
  • No in-game purchases
  • Free to Play
  • Single Player Game

Go and check and demo of the is an astonishing game from the below site. The demo is available for PC users.

Initial Release Date: December 2020

Publisher: Open Door Games

Platform: Steam

Genre: Puzzle & Adventure

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