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Success Story: Andrea Putortì

Andrea Putortì a passionate artist.

I’m a dreamer who grew up playing hundreds of videogames, bruising my knees into nature, losing my mind into rock and grunge, watching loads of 80s movies, and reading adventure novels.

Of course, I ended up narrating my own stories through art, but you know, it’s hard to make money with it. So, while I worked on my art projects in my free time, I also worked as a UI/UX Designer full-time.
Until I quit and decided to invest my money into the study: game art, pixel art, game design, game development.

After studies, game jams, prototype games, and tons of projects, I finally decided to develop my first game to publish. I recently created some mockups for a 2D game. It’s a platformer made in pixel art, and adventure story-driven with puzzle and action components. After I’ll finish mockups and gather all info and feedback from users, I’ll start developing it on Unity and launch a Kickstarter campaign, because I already noticed a lot of support and interest from fans and users around socials.

How did Andrea Putortì develop a fondness for artwork?
When I was around 5 years old, I stumbled upon an inflatable gift that my brother received by his ex-girlfriend (no, it’s not what you think it is). It was hearth-shaped and with an illustration from a famous Italian comic/cartoon character: Lupo Alberto.

I guess that at that age, it was maybe the first particular artistic illustration I ever saw and, attracted out of curiosity, I stared at it a lot, until I decided to replicate it by using pencils and colors. Just like I saw my brothers sketching and doodling on paper, fascinated by it I started doing the same, year after year; except one small problem: my family never really supported my art skills, therefore I developed good skills only several years later when I started having a bit more to say about my future.

More precisely after finishing high school, when I aimed for Engineering university (because I would have loved to develop video games) and dropped after 1 year and a half. I needed freedom of expression, art, passion.

So Andrea Putortì started the Academy of Fine Arts and kept working on art and graphic.

Did Andrea Putortì study artwork?
I said that I studied at an Art Academy and also by following online lessons, but I learned the most by self-teaching myself through decades.
I’ve always been inclined to art, but I wasn’t born a genius. I studied a lot, I trained a lot, I made a lot of sacrifices and I still am. Sometimes it’s exhausting but it’s worth it at the end when you manage to reach, help and communicate to people through your art.

From where did Andrea Putortì learn this?
Let’s say I took the red pill and I saw how deep the internet rabbit-hole was. No, not talking about deep web haha. I only spent tons and tons of hours online, researching, studying game art and game artists, finding the best information possible.

The Internet is so various and huge, you can find almost anything you need to learn if you do the right research. Also, I know and follow an infinite amount of excellent artists who teach me and inspire me every day. By talking to them or watching them work, you can learn even more and even faster.

Why did Andrea Putortì choose graphic design as a profession?
Honestly, at first, it was the closest thing to art which could help me financially. But later I started loving it and being passionate.

Let’s say that right now my two biggest passions are Game Art / Development and UI / UX Design. Although I aim to become completely independent, to develop my games and projects and, hopefully, one day, to start my videogame studio.

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Andrea Putortì