Apex Legends

Game: Apex Legends

Apex Legends is presented by Electronic Arts.

About the game

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer battle royale game featuring squads of three players using pre-made characters (called “Legends”), similar to those of hero shooters. Alternate modes have been introduced allowing for single and for two-player squads since the game’s release. The game is free-to-play and monetized through microtransactions and loot boxes, which allow the player to spend both real money and in-game currency on cosmetic items, such as outfits for the Legends and new colors for weapons.

Each character in the squad has a unique design, personality, and abilities that provide different play styles to the team. All teams are then placed on an aircraft that passes over the game map. One player in each squad is the jumpmaster, selecting when the squad should skydive out of the aircraft and where to land with the concurrence of the other squad members. However, players are free to deviate from the squad’s path.


Apex Legends is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Tips and tricks:

The following are tips and tricks for the smooth gameplay.

  • Consider Landing Far, Far Away

If you’re not comfortable landing RIGHT in the action, try staying in the dropship longer and landing on the outskirts of the map. Chances are you’ll only land near one or two other squads, and you may have more time to look over the loot to really learn what they do.

  • Supply Ship

While dropping onto King’s Canyon, you will notice an icon for a supply ship on the map. This icon represents the supply ship’s final destination so if you time your drop path correctly, you can land on top of the supply ship. These ships are guaranteed high tiers of loot so be prepared for a hot fight. Since there is no fall damage in Apex Legends, feel free to grab a high tier weapon and jump ship immediately.

  • Wall-climbing:

There is, actually a kind of wall-climbing in the game – no proper wall running or triple-jumps like Titan fall of course, but you can ‘wall-climb’ up to about 3 or 4 times your height by sprinting at a wall and holding the Jump button whilst looking upwards. Often your character will get surprisingly far up a wall and onto ledges you wouldn’t think were accessible, without any help. Worth practicing and mastering!

Apex Legends
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