BattleGrounds To Get Chicken Dinner

Tips And Tricks For PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds To Get Chicken Dinner

About BattleGrounds To Get Chicken Dinner:

PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds To Get Chicken Dinner is presented by PUBG corporation and developed by Kim Chang-han. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale genre game. It is the most popular and trending online game these days. A type of game with large-scale last man standing deathmatch where players fight to remain the last alive. The player can play alone or with a team of two or four.


The game is ported to the Windows, XBOX One, IOS, Google Play Store, Stadia, and PlayStation 4.

Tips and Tricks for PUBG To Get Chicken Dinner!

Use the following tips and tricks and get your chicken dinner.

  • Graphics Quality

You need to adjust the graphics according to your phone screen. If you’re having a problem, dropping frames, and lagging then do it yourself, though PUBG Mobile does itself.  It’ll help you to spot your enemies easily. Go to Settings then Graphics and change it. You can also turn on “Auto adjust graphics”, it ensures the frame-rate and can also adjust the graphics quality when the battery goes low.

  • Choose the View

Choose between the first-person view or third-person view by tapping on the game mode button.

  • Keep eye on other players

If you come to a new building where doors are open, someone can probably there. Be more active maybe someone has hidden inside or anyone has gone from that door. Likewise, when you come to a room after you have looted or hiding out, close the doors so you can kill anyone easily.

  • Headphones are important

PUBG is an online game so a lot of players advise making sure to use headphones. It matters a lot to hear the voice chats, footsteps of your enemies, and prompts of the squad. This will help you in hearing distant gunfire. You can’t miss any of the signs of your enemies. You can win by hearing the footsteps before spotting them.

  • Don’t play quickly

Play generously to win the game. Take each step by taking your time. No need to hurry.

  • Choose the right weapons

Always select the right weapon. Find the right weapon for you. Check the effectiveness of the weapon and select it.

  • Shoot to kill

If you find someone and you’re guaranteed that you can kill with your shot then do it otherwise don’t.

  • PUBG With Your Squad

You can play with one friend or team-up with a group of friends. But if you’re playing with your friends you need to communicate and if you’re not playing with a friend sitting with you it becomes difficult to communicate. Playing in a squad increases the chances of winning chicken dinner because you’re planning and helping each other together.

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BattleGrounds To Get Chicken Dinner