Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks

Brawl Stars is developed and produced by SuperCell.

About Game:

Brawl Stars is MOBA and hero shooter battle arena online multiplayer genre game. Players can choose between characters called Brawlers that they have unlocked through Boxes, the Brawl Pass, the Trophy Road, or purchased through the Shop to use in battles.


The game “Brawl Stars” is ported to Google Play Store and App Store. It is free to play.

Tips and Tricks

  • Save Money

You need to save money so you can purchase brawl stars big boxes by using the in-game currency gems. Always go for Big Box because it offers the same probabilities as the Mega Box.

  • Always don’t focus on Gems

If you don’t have a gem the switch to a different game style. If you don’t carry gems should keep on attacking and keep enemies away from their teammates. Protect your teammates and try to attract the attention of enemies.

  • Tap to move

You can use brawl stars is controlled using two virtual sticks as standard, but you can switch this in the settings to tap to move scheme.

  • Use Auto Aim & Tracking

Auto-aim your shots with the virtual stick, tap it to shoot at the nearest enemy. Aim exactly at the enemy you want and pick your targets. Use keyboard and mouse support. You can also use any key sequence you like.

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