Cavity Busters

Upcoming Game: Cavity Busters

Cavity Busters is presented by SpaceMyFriend.

The game is not like The binding of Issac, you may relate it by looking at it, but when you play the game you’ll realize it’s very different and has unique concepts to offer.

About Game:

Cavity Busters is an interesting and different concept video game. Cavity Busters is all about your teeth. The game is rouge-lite genre game and with sub-genre bullet hell in which you use your the only tooth to chomp cavity take over enemies and face the dreaded Pearly Knights, a true test of your enam-mettle. Collect power-ups, diseases to enhance your dexterity and control over your only tooth. You’ll brush your teeth and tooth floss daily.

The game has boss fights with multiple stages and attacks to keep you on your gums. Also, have challenging rewarding skill-based combat.

Cavity Busters Platforms:

The game will release on “Steam” today for PC users. To download the game you need to pay $11.99, with no in-game purchases.

Cavity Busters Features:

  • Gameplay is smooth
  • Easy built-in controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Over 150 upgrades

Be ready for this amazing upcoming game. You can download the game from the below link!

Initial Release Date: August 12th, 2020

Developer: SpaceMyFriend

Game and Art: Adrian Riedman

Music and Sound Design: Ben Ridge

Platform: Steam

Genre:   Rogue-lite Bullet hell

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