Classic Tower Defence

Upcoming Game: Classic Tower Defence

Classic Tower Defence is presented by ToyToyStudio.

Classic Tower Defence is the upcoming game with amazing visuals made in low poly style. The game will be released for the android, IOS and PC gaming list.

The developers love games and love developing games. Classic Tower Defence is a thrilling war game with a lot of hurdles that you will face in the game.

Classic Tower Defence will have flying dragons, magicians summoning units, casting destructive spells, elementals, and Bosses. There will be a large number of unit factions attacking your fortress. In your arsenal, there will be not only towers but also magic cards that can cast truly amazing spells on the battlefield. Summon large meteors, thunder, lightning, ice, snow, strengthen towers, and much much more will in the game to amaze you with a lot of challenges.

The player can upgrade not only to the towers but also to your fortress. Strengthening its armor or improving its firepower which will also help in defense. In the game, the most dedicated players will find various references to good old games and funny interactive elements. Towers have many upgrades and improvements.

Classic Tower Defence Features:

  • Astonishing high-quality graphics
  • 3D Game
  • Smooth Gameplay

The project is under development. The expected launch date will be announced soon. The coming months will be full of anticipation for the game.

Initial Release Date: End of this year

Publisher: ToyToy Studio

Platform: Android, IOS & PC

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Classic Tower Defence