Upcoming Game: CROWN CRUNCH

Crown Crunch is upcoming by Polyworks Games. The beta version has ported to Google Play and Apple store.

Crown crunch will be added to the IOS and Android game list with a completely astonishing and unique idea. The game will be also available on Android Networks “TBD: What’s Next”. Crown Crunch has no in-app purchases but has ads in-game removal purchase.

The game has already made great market value before the final release.

Crown Crunch is a 2D casual, action, and adventure game. Crown Crunch is a game in the response of the current pandemic situation in the world. The game is super simple and easy consciously to give a fun activity for staying busy, staying home, practice social distancing, and staying safe.

In the game, you need to stop the Crown monsters to reach your home. Crush the monsters. Beat them, so they can’t reach the ground.  Don’t let Crown monsters to invade your home.

Polyworks Games will be donating half of all revenue to COVID’19 charities to help those are needy. You can help people around the world by just staying at home and playing.

Details about the charities can be found on the below sites:

Crown Crunch Features:

  • 2D game
  • No in-game purchases
  • Free to Play
  • Easy to Play
  • Fun game
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Game created for an amazing cause

The beta version is available on the below links. You can test the game.

Download The Game

Would you help the less fortunate people around the world by playing this game?

Initial Release Date: July 13th,2020

Publisher: Polyworks Games

Platform: Android & IOS

Genre: Casual, Action & Adventure

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