Upcoming Game: CUBYLUSION

Cubylusion is the upcoming game in the PC game list.  The Cubylusion is free to play with no in-game purchases.

Cubylusion is the first game by the Kepy Games. The game prototype has been released. The prototype is amazingly designed, so the full version will be super crazier, and exciting. The first two worlds of the game are available.

Cubylusion is a storytelling video game. The game story revolves around the virtual world. You are trapped in a virtual world to save your friend named Ramma. You’re alone and have to get through a lot of puzzles, mysteries to escape the virtual world and able to save your friend.

It is a 3D adventure and puzzle game. Try to unlock all the puzzles. Each puzzle varies in difficulty and an extensive range of challenges.

At first glance, it somewhat appears to be a low poly take on The Virtual World. The world that is littered with a bunch of puzzles and adventures.

Cubylusion Features:

  • PC game
  • 3D game
  • No in-game purchases
  • Free to Play
  • Great High-quality graphics
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Smooth gameplay

The prototype is available on the below site. You can test the game from the below site.

The final released game will be available on the below sites.

The coming months will be full of anticipation for the game.

Would you able to save your friend Ramma and escape the virtual world?

Initial Release Date: In the middle of 2021

Publisher: Kepy Games

Platform: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Genre: Puzzle and adventure

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