Upcoming Game: Darkanoid

Darkanoid is presented by Shezo Games.

The game Darkanoid  early access has been ported on the Steam. It is not free to play. The team of “Darkanoid” is currently working on finalizing the graphics and improving the current mechanics, but they are also preparing more global improvements and secrets for the project.

About Game:

Darkanoid is a classic arcade game, based on real-time physics with modern graphics. The game features two main game modes, classic Arkanoid with levels and bosses, which wait at the end of each chapter, and endless (survival) mode, in which the player rushes forward, clearing your way among the blocks, horizontal and portrait mode.

Classic Arkanoid has always been oriented towards the portrait, but the developer decided to break this pattern. All bonuses and anti-bonuses do not have to be caught by the platform, the developer made it so that they automatically act when they are captured by the ball. Blocks flying is annoying for everyone when it is impossible to knock out the last block, but the player should not take this feature as too good a simplification, and still have to dodge them.

Darkanoid Features:

  • High-quality graphics
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • Unique bonuses like a cross bomb
  • Achievements for steam
  • Joystick control
  • Simple mouse control, all hotkeys in one hand

The early access of the game is available on the below site. Go and test the early access version of “Darkanoid”.

Click Here

Initial Release Date: End of 2020

Developer: Shezo Games

Platform:  Steam PC

Genre: Classic Arcade

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