Darker: Episode I

Darker is presented by Brothar Studios.

About Game:


Darker is a horror, exploration story-based game with psychological and supernatural elements. An indie horror game from a first-person perspective where the player explores a mansion through the use of puzzle-solving, finding specific items, and trying to avoid unknown dangers. The particular focus of the game is the atmosphere, mystery, and scares as well as continual story development.


You’ve been invited to an old lady’s mansion, who claims to be a distant relative of yours. Her name is Gretchen and she says she wants to discuss a matter of heritage with you. As you have no family or closer connection, except a few friends in town, you gladly accept. She is an elderly lady of a frail and sickly nature. You learn that she for many years has lost the ability to walk and is therefore bound to her wheelchair. She is also unable to speak and can only communicate through notes.
It is a long and tiring journey but eventually, you arrive at the mansion. It is only the two of you there, which at first seems very weird since she is barely able to move, let alone speak. Something feels off. It doesn’t make sense and as you prepare to spend your first night in the mansion, you’re starting to get second thoughts about your decision to stay.



Darker is ported on Steam for PC users. It is a premium game with no in-app purchases.


  • Premium Game
  • Single-player game
  • Horror, exploration story-based game
  • Great gameplay
  • Easy built-in controls

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