Rush Out

Upcoming Game: Deboarding: Rush Out

Deboarding: Rush Out is presented by Oneupgames. The German mobile game developers are critically using lean development to bring diverse experiences to gamers.

This latest 2D game revolves around all the happenings that take place while boarding and Deboarding a plane. It a 2-phase puzzle game, which lets the player change the seating plan in a plane in the first phase and needs him to react in the second phase in order to ensure the fastest de-boarding process for key characters.

This arcade game has a set-up of an air plane environment with passengers who are boarding the plane for a flight. The company has developed each and every character with a different approach in my mind in order to be diverse and to add in details.

The game lets the player have the “power” to be in charge of the seating plan of the passengers to guarantee the safe de-boarding of certain passengers in a limited time frame but in a puzzled manner. During the playtime, the player will get to know different passenger types that act differently but also have to react in real-time in the second phase to cope with the chaos that usually occurs when de-boarding a plane.

Deboarding: Rush Out Platform:

“Deboarding: Rush Out’’ will be available very soon on Android Play Store as well as for the iOS devices. The game will have several in-app purchases such as boosters or special customization options.

Deboarding: Rush Out Features:

  • Free to Play
  • Quality Graphics
  • Fun approach
  • Character development

Do you like to play a fun adventure arcade game? If YES then hold tight and brace yourself to catch a plane of your next flight with Deboarding: Rush Out.


Releasing very soon to all the android as well as the iOS devices for free!


Initial Releasing Date: Two to Three Months

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Rush Out

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