Deception is presented by Jurgens Games.

About Game:

Deception is an equally hilarious and inquisitive strategic game designed to determine the ingenious interrogator and masterful deceiver. And it’s up to you to determine who is who!

Any Demographic. Whether you’re playing with a group of 10-year-old girls, a family, or a group of bikers, the game will work. Brilliantly. That’s because it is based on the gameplay, creativity, and stories (humour) relative to the players.

Hilarious. Not everyone will find cards against humanity type games funny. That’s because humour is relative to all individuals. Deception category cards simply act as memory triggers to help players remember stories from their lives. That means that the hilarity is based on each player’s Tales, not jokes game designers have told you to laugh at.

Challenge Your Mind. Test how perceptive you can be at picking out when people are lying or telling the truth. Excellent practice at pretending your poker face and calling out the bluff of others.

Builds Friendships. We’ve all played “two truths and a lie” type games when interacting with new groups to get to know each other. Deception is that on steroids. On top of that, the whole theme of the game is to show that even if you’ve known people for years, they can still surprise you with a lie straight to your face…and that’s worth knowing.

How to play:

Depending on your gameplay, Deception can be played anywhere from 15 minutes to hours and hours. Players can range from 3 to 8 for ideal gameplay.

Players shuffle identity cards and deal them anonymously amongst themselves. All players are then Confessors, Deceivers, or Judge.

All players keep their identity to themselves, except the Judge. The Judge reveals himself to the group and draws a Tell Us A Tale card. These category cards act as story prompts. From the left of the Judge, each player takes turns telling a story from their own lives based on the Tell Us A Tale card.

If you are holding a “Confessor” card, then it’s your job to tell a true story that happened to you. If you are holding a “Deceiver” card, you must fabricate a false story and lie. Points are awarded by the judge to the best story, which encourages all players to tell the most interesting, outrageous, hilarious, or crazy stories they can think of.

Once all stories have been heard and the judge has awarded points to the best story, the interrogation begins. Each player is allocated one minute to ask questions to any other storyteller about their story. This is an opportunity to find cracks in their story and help figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth. Once all players have been interrogated, the judge makes an educated guess as to who the Deceiver is.

If the Judge chooses correctly he is awarded 3x points. If he chooses incorrectly and the Deceiver fools all with his lie, he is awarded 5x points. The best story is awarded 2x points and the scores are tallied. The judge hands his identity card to the player on his left and another round begins.

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