Dota Auto Chess

About the game        

The game features elements derived from chess, along with those from Dota 2. Sporting up to eight players, the game assigns them to eight different chessboards. Players select from a public pool of over fifty chess pieces prior to each round, which they place around the board. Each chess piece belongs to a particular race and class, with individualized abilities. Upon the initiation of every round, the opposing sides’ pieces automatically battle. Some rounds feature players battling non-player creeps“, rather than one another. Players may acquire items after killing the creeps and can give these items to their chess pieces. Each item has unique effects and some can be combined to form stronger versions.


Dota Auto Chess is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X.[/vc_column_text]

Tips and tricks:

The following are tips and tricks for smooth gameplay.

  • Choose re-rolling wisely:

As a general rule, avoid re-rolling entirely for the first 7-8 turns. The only exception is if you’re on a phenomenal win streak and you can afford a couple of rolls to maintain your advantage. That’s it. Otherwise, you have to make do with your options during the early-game and sell any unnecessary pieces later on.

  • Three-star pieces:

Three-star pieces are incredibly powerful, but chasing down an entire team of three-star pieces isn’t realistic because you won’t have enough room in the locker to stockpile what you need. Aim to get at least a couple on the board in the late game, but focus primarily on getting mainly two-star units and the synergy between them right before switching your attention to upgrades.

  • Spy on the opponents:

You might not have realized this yet, but you can actually click on your opponents’ portraits at the left side of the screen to see their boards. This can give you invaluable information about the synergies they are after, their positioning, their economy, and more.

Dota Auto Chess
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