Dragon City

About Game:

Dragon City is a social network singleplayer and multiplayer game. Dragon City follows players to raise their dragons and design a city full of dragons on floating islands. Gold is produced by dragons that can be used to buy and upgrade buildings and habitats. The farms exchange gold for food which can be used to level up dragons.


The game “Dragon City” is ported to Facebook, Google Play Store, and App Store. The game has also in-game purchases.[/vc_column_text]

Tips and Tricks

  • Know About All the Elemental Dragons

In the game, each dragon comes under a specific elemental group.

Pure, legend, terra, flame, electric, metal, dark, light, war, sea, and nature are the elementals that you must know.

  • Food

To level up your dragons it is necessary to feed them. To provide your dragons’ food, you need to build farms. Use your gold to grow food in the starting is the 30-second to build dragon bell food. Farms can be upgraded later on to produce more food and other types of plants.

  • Gems

Gems are the most important resource because this is a quick way to get everything. You can use gems in speeding up and buy a lot of things such as unique dragons. Moreover, you can also earn gems in the game with no real money.

  • Gold

Gold is the main association in the dragon city. You can earn gold by outing your dragons in the habitat. You need to do quickly to level up your dragons by feeding them food to earn more gold.

Dragon City
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