Upcoming Game: Droid404

Droid404 is the upcoming game in the Windows gaming list. The developer has also planned to port this game on steam too. The game is free to play and doesn’t have any in-game purchases.

The game developers are a young group of three enthusiast 14-year-olds boys who love playing and making video games. During quarantine, these boys wanted to do something so they started to work on a Droid404 video game using Unity and it soon turned into a large project.


Droid404 is a 2D platformer game. It is a video game in which there are two characters named Fred and Droid404. Fred is not good, an evil mechanic character.

One day, Fred makes droids to do evil things. He is making his droid and orders it to capture the magical gem hidden in a volcano on the planet rivurn. Magical Gem has the powers that when they will combine with Fred’s Droid it will able to destroy entire planets. Droid disobeys Fred for doing this. Fred strips Droid404 from all of its core components and blasts it off into space as the punishment. Fred knows that droid will get in the gravitational pull of Eirini, a planet in the solar system as Rivurn. Droid will make his way to stop Fred. You’re Droid, stop him from getting the magical gem.

Will, you able to Stop Fred from getting Magical Gem?

Game’s Features:

  • 2D platformer game
  • Great high-quality graphics
  • Adventure Game
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Eye-catching Visuals
  • Smooth controls

The beta version of the game is available on the below site. Go and test the beta version of “DROID404”.


The final release date will be confirmed in a month or two.

Do you like adventure games?

If yes then it is the game you will love it!

Initial Release Date: In this year

Author: IndieCoyote

Platform: Windows

Genre: Platformer & Adventure

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