Fall Guys

Game: Fall Guys

Fall Guys is developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital.

About Game:

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an Online Battle Royale and platformer genre multiplayer game. It seems to be inspired by TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout. Fall Guys is divided into four categories race, survival, team, and final. The game has 25 levels.


The game is ported to Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. In this multiplayer game, up to  60 players can compete at one time.

Tips and Tricks You Must  Know!

Here are the tips and tricks you must know to win each level.

  • Careful around other players and keep an eye on them

Fall Guys has only one winner so new players should be careful from others and especially during survival games. The new players need to concentrate on the learning of the game workings to the master as there are players who will try to clean out your competition.

  • Work Like A-Team even in solo levels

In fall Guys there is a team-based modes level so you team-up with other players in random teams. The number of teams varies from level to level. The player also needs to work together on solo levels too like in the “See-Saw” level. If one player will don’t balance the See-Saw, it’ll be death for both players.

  • Take Your Time To Understand the game modes

The player will compete in 4 different modes and each mode have different levels. You need to understand the mechanics of each of them, as they all are played differently.

The Race mode has the easiest and simple levels. You need to cross the finish line before the cut-off point to qualify for the next level.

In the second Survival mode, the players’ goal is to remain alive at all levels. They are timers in some levels that will qualify the player for the next level if he/she is still alive when the score is even zero.

In the Teaming mode, working together is the key to success. Multiplayer games are fun teaming with friends.  Putting efforts together and helping each other, increases your odds at claiming the crown.

In the last Final mode, have the most difficult maps in the game and you have to beat every player. This mode is the way to winning the crown.

  • Standing on a certain place still

You need to stand still on a safe spot on the map like the central hammer spot where the players are spotted to saving their tails.

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