Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres is a video creator.

Tell me about yourself?
We are a channel that tells people’s stories through in-car interviews.

Tell me about your work experience?
One of the best, I’ve always wanted to do something that involved communication, I have a friend who is a photographer and video producer, we put everything together and started a channel.

At what age did you start doing work and develop a love for artwork?

How did you develop a fondness for artwork?
Practising a lot, in conversations with people, even strangers, they always said that I’m good in communication, I speak a lot, without fear and with authority.

Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?

From where did you learn this?
I was born with a little bit, I do want to learn, improve myself.

Why did you choose art as a profession?
For love.

Who are your biggest influences?
Marcelo tas / Danilo Gentili.

How do you become a successful artist?
Starting the project without thinking about others.

What makes you good and different from others?
Dick face, don’t be ashamed.

What does your art represent and does art mean to you?
It’s something that makes me feel good, I wanted to make a living from it, it turns me on, I was left with an inexplicable joy.


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