Fernando Success Story

Fernando an artist.

My name is Fernando and I’m the Creator of the Instagram “Desenhando.jogos” or “drawing games”. The old memory that I have about drawing is to draw the eyebrows from ken from super street fighter 2, I don’t remember why but I love to draw this character and my aunt was my first teacher. Was her that teach me the first things about drawing although she’s not a professional drawer.

After that, I started to buy magazines that teaching techniques to draw better and develop my skills. This is was in my teenager years and in the likely same time I asked for my parents to pay to me a drawing course named “ dream factory” that all my friends were doing at that time, but they don’t that because was too expensive and as I would learn more later, all cool thing is too expensive and if I want to learn I have to find a way to do more cheap.

So, when I completed 18 years and Finnish high school, I have to stop drawing because I don’t earn money and have to choose something to do with my life, as my parents were saying and worry about. See, at this point, I just drawing for fun and watched a lot of animes, (by the way was one reason because of them that I continued to drawing) but I just started to get the things seriously after married with the girl of my dreams.

I have another passion in my life that was to find and live a big love, (mission accomplished until today rsrs). You may have to ask now: _ Dud, what is the relation of this whit your drawing stuff??

Well, is elementary, like me; my wife has the dream live the love but in all ways. In personal life, in business and spiritual ways. So I learned this from her and start to believe again that I can work with things that I love.

Today I work as a trainee in the sports secretary analyzing sports projects that can have financial support from the government to realize activities like soccer lessons or martial arts to students and general people. This is the job that today pays our bills, but the job that put a smile on my face and I hope that in your and many others too is this.

Today I drawing in my cell phone utilizing an app named pixel studio, because is for free and I can do tutorials for people that don’t have much money to start studying drawing to draw your favorite characters in the pixel art style.

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