About the game:


Follow Sylphe and discover his story by accompanying him on his quest. Despite his blindness, our hero masters his bow like no one else. Will you be able to protect your castle against more and more powerful and numerous enemies?


Continue to progress

  • Sylphe does not finish learning and evolves as he fights.
  • Choose how Sylphe will evolve. Will you focus on strength, speed, critical hits or magic?


A magical world

  • Magic will allow you to use devastating spells against your enemies.
  • From volleys of arrows, a destructive arrow or piercing arrows, adapt your spells to suit your style.


Upgrade your castle

  • Start with a simple fence and turn it into a real impenetrable fortress.
  • Set traps to help defend yourself.


Meet characters

  • Watch Sylphe connect with characters who will change and disrupt his quest.
  • Each character has a story, learn about each character’s past and the lessons they learned.


Game Platforms and Releasing date if it is an upcoming game?

Already released on Play Store and App Store


Does the game have any in-app purchases?



Anything you would like to mention in the article?

I emphasize the story because I think that mobile games in general are not story-driven enough.

Even if the game is already released, it is still only the beginning and many improvements and features are going to be added


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