Flavius Roland

Flavius Roland a 3D artist.

Tell me about yourself?
My name is Flavius Roland, I’m a young 3D artist from Romania, I love reading, playing board-games and coding.

Tell me about your work experience?
I have worked on several mini-game projects as a 3D modeler. Nothing too special.

At what age did you start doing work and developed a love for artwork?
I began to realize that I love drawing-sketching-modeling at around 19 years old.

How did you develop a fondness for artwork?
Good question! At first, I was kind of disliking my art, but I kept on practicing. I have always found ”stylized” art extremely interesting and visually pleasing, so I think that’s one of the main things that made me like doing 3D artwork.

Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?
Unfortunately, no. I am self-taught.

From where did you learn this?
Well, I thank the Great-Wonderful and Miraculous creation called ”The Internet ”! Jokes aside, I can recommend Grant Abbit, Stylized Station, 3Dex, Ian Hubert, Ducky 3D, SouthernShotty, and other small youtube channels. My brother helped me a lot with tips & tricks, advice, and of course criticism. He is one of the reasons I have started doing 3D modeling and texturing.

Why did you choose 3D art as a profession?
Nowadays the Gaming Industry is growing remarkably fast, freelance work can bring a minor or a stable income depending on the 3D field you are working or getting into. (through hard work of course). I am going to publish my first pack of game-ready models in the foreseeable future.

Who are your biggest influences?
Games like World Of Warcraft, because of their special kind of art style. Dungeons and Dragons.

How do you become a successful artist?
I think this is one of the most common questions, with an easy answer but hard to put at practice: ”Through hard work ”. Other mentions: promoting your art, selling your art, collaborating as much as possible, asking questions, helping other new artists.

What makes you good and different from others?
Persistency and originality.

What Does Your Art Mean to You?
They bring me joy a lot, knowing the fact that I made them. One of the most lovely moments is when people give feedback, or when they compliment your art, and of course, when they give you constructive criticism. It’s a special feeling!

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