Forest Fox Adventure

Upcoming Game: Forest Fox Adventure

Forest Fox Adventure  is presentec by Lennart Krömer.

The game upcoming game will be ported to the google play store gaming list. The developer has also plan to release it on steam.

Forest Fox Adventure is a forest-themed game. The game aims to get high scores.  It will free to play but contains in-game purchases. In-game includes skins. It is a low poly looking game.

In the game” Forest Fox Adventure”, the fox should have a little Background story about his children. The game is about a fox who runs through a forest every day looking for food for itself and its young. It is a jumping and running game in a 3D world.

Forest Fox Adventure has a shop and the currency for it is food. The shop contains power-ups and skins. The game also has motivation for its players which includes Power-ups with the level system, achievements, leaderboard (over Google Play Services).

Jump and run with the fox and have the best time jumping in the adventurous forest.

Forest Fox Adventure Features:

  • Gameplay is smooth
  • Fun Game
  • Free to play
  • Easy built-in controls
  • In-game Purchases
  • Contains leaderboard
  • High-quality graphics

The final releasing date will be announced by the last of this month.

You can stay updated about the progress of the project by checking the below links for more updates and the final release date.

Download The Game

Initial Release Date: November 31st, 2020

Developer: Lennart Krömer

Platform: Google Play Store

Genre:  Jump and Run

Do you like Jumping games?

If Yes, you will love this game!

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Forest Fox Adventure