Game: Griddler

Griddler is presented by White Hot Games.

About Game:

Griddler is a 2D puzzle genre game. The game is simply easy and fun playing. The player needs to complete the grid while using the numerical clues to fill in the right tiles. You can also compete for the fastest times per grid against players from around the world as you have a competition against a clock. With each passing level difficulty will be increased. Upgrade to the difficult levels, ranging up to 10×10 grid. Its an addictive and challenging game.

The game has a dynamic difficulty system which makes the game harder as your rank per grid size increases. Griddler has unlimited randomly created levels in 6 different size grids.

It will become an interesting certain activity that you will be enjoying.


Griddler is ported to Google Play Store, App Store, and Amazon. The game is free to play with in-app purchases.

Griddler Features:

  • Puzzle Game
  • Gameplay is smooth
  • Free to Play

The developer is working on an update to add lots of levels to the game, a new game mode that can be played through on top of what’s in there now and also a cute character Matrix.

Enjoy and share it with your friends.  Challenge each other and check whose going to fill the grid in the fastest time!


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