Gun VS Gods


About Game:
The game story is revoloving around the 21st century, gates in space suddenly appeared worldwide, connecting the Earth with a mythical world. Countless mythological creatures came down to Earth, including some entities claiming to be gods. The dark gods wanted to rule this new land and enslave the people here, so the war between humanity and the gods broke out. The war destroyed almost the entire world. Many gods died, the rest fell asleep, and the civilization of humanity was destroyed.
Gun vs. Gods is an RPG-featured, first-person shooter game in an open world.
In Gun vs. Gods, you can explore a vast fantasy world with many races, fight with legendary monsters, search for treasure in the ruins.

The player can also trade with merchants, craft custom items, go on bounty quests, and uncover the world’s greatest secrets from hidden quests. These are typical RPG adventure features. It also has FPS features: controller, various types of gun, modern weapons like drones and turrets, etc.

Get ready for reckless challenges in the game! You’ll have a great time through this fantastic game.

Gun VS Gods will be released on Google Play Store and App Store. A PC version (Mac, Windows) is also expected to be released. The game has in-app purchases.

Gun VS Gods Features:

  • Great high-quality graphics
  • RPG-featured Shooting Game
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls

Expected Release Date:  August 2021
Developer:  Trung Dong
Platform:  IOS & Android
Genre:  RPG-featured shooting game


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