Mysterious Adventure Escape


presents by the developer Elucard!

A 3d world is full of adventures with a mesmerizing visual experience. Begin a mind-blowing journey filled thrilling mysteries.

It is an adventure puzzle game. It is a storytelling video game, in which you have to unlock different mysteries to find seven different diamonds. Herelone doesn’t have any levels, it is one world to escape.

Each mystery varies in difficulty and an extensive range of challenges with phenomenal visuals. Finding yourself locked in Herelone, and explore the world to solve the puzzle. Herelone is an open-world game to find the items that will help you to escape.

It has a different environment when you escape from one area to another. Herelone consists of green flowery areas and dungeons along with lava. The game has atmospheric audio for an immersive experience.

A unique adventure escape game. Each mystery has a story behind it. You wake up near the shining portal that closes immediately. You don’t remember how you came there but in the end, you’ll realize that this place is not good for you and need to escape from here.

It is a compelling game in which you have to run through many adventurous puzzle challenges.

Every time there’ll different mysteries to unfold the challenging puzzle as a detective with smart strategies to escape the game!

Get ready for reckless challenges in Herelone! You’ll have a great time through this fantastic adventure game.

”Mysterious Adventure Escape” is available on Android. It’s free to play with in-app purchases.

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Herelone Features:

  • High-quality graphics
  • Free to play
  • 3d video game
  • Astonishing soundtrack
  • Consists of different mysterious obstruction

Do you like adventurous puzzle game?

Go Download now Herelone: Mysterious Adventure Escape” and explore the world filled with daring challenges.

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