Idle Angels

Game: Idle Angels


Idle angels’’ is presented by MUJOPY PTE.LTD. This latest game is a single-player, idle, simulated role-playing game that is rated for 16+.

The game enables you to summon 50+ angels and each one of the characters has a unique and different set of qualities and powers. The characters are developed in so many details; from cute and appealing avatars to unique and hard traits each character is distinct from one another. The game has a wonderful AFK RPG which lets you to the upgrade portal. Another very attractive character AWAKEN trains angels, STRATEGY for the strategical battles, FRIEND to play with the friends.

The game has different strategies and various contents to choose from. The game is all about the co0llection of coins and the up-gradation of your Angel. But the game uses some in-app purchases for it and in order to collect coins, diamonds, and summon scrolls which enable players to win. Because of the in-app purchases, the gameplay doesn’t have so much to offer yet but you can watch the battle proceed automatically in this kind of idle game. The optimizations and more gameplay are to be released soon.

Though the game has some really cool graphics along with the very attractive Angels and extremely complimenting background sounds which makes this experience worth trying!

Idle Angels Platform:

“Idle Angels” is available on Android Play Store as well as on iOS. The game does have some in-app purchases such as the diamonds, summon scrolls, and other items. This game contains ads as well.

Idle Angels Features:

  • Free to Play
  • RPG Strategy
  • Colorful graphics
  • Multiple characters
  • Role Playing
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Smooth gameplay

Do you like to play a very cute yet hard game? If YES then what are you waiting for?

Go DownloadIdle Angels” from the link below and start enjoying your time!

Download The Game

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