He a 3d lowpoly artist.

I’m iltaen,
I make 3d lowpoly characters, haven’t art education and can’t draw by hand. I worked as a Web-designer for 10+ years, burned out, and decided to change activity to something more free for creativity. If you ask me “is changing profession to 3d is too late in 30+?” – it is never too late!
I have been studying 3d for a year, and, fortunately, the internet is full of tutorials, courses, and forums that contain answers for 99% of questions, so I can say open data is my best teacher.

In my learning way, I tried different things – sculpting characters, lowpoly interiors, modeling assets, environments, etc. And finally came to creating lowpoly characters and all about it – concepting, modeling, animation. Under “low-poly” I mean style direction – low count of polygons, minimalistic forms, hard edges, and simplest textures.

Some people think lowpoly is something unserious, frivolous. And sometimes I receive messages: “why low poly if you can make high-poly models?” Well, the main reason – I just love the low-poly style 😀 but not only! You can work in this style fast – trying different ideas and concepts in a short time. Lowpoly teases imagination and can immerse you into the atmosphere by simple means. Moreover, nobody waits from low-poly something serious – good elaborated details can surprise.
When I just started making low-poly characters I did not find artists I want to be like, many of them don’t pay enough attention to details, in my humble opinion. But I believe that such characters may be elegant and attractive, and now I search my way to reach them.

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