Space Ship Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter

Imspaceble: Space Ship Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter is developed by Julio Sánchez and Ruben Carrera from the company SaframeStudio.


About Game:

Imspaceble: Space Ship Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter, Galaxy Sky is an epic spaceship game where you have to destroy the enemy and conquer space. You get upgrades for your ship in this Galaxy Strike Game or you can even buy more powerful ships to yourself.


A world of space fantasy with unique gameplay where every battle will count. Enter to the world of Galaxy Spaceships Game: Galaxy Strike, Spaceshooter Game. The future of our planet is in your hands! To upgrade our only ship and to get new space ships on the black market, we will gold. So, Destroy Enemy in this Galaxy Shooter Game: Sky Fighter Game by attacking their ships.



It has 2 modes with 3 different styles of play:

– Adventure Mode:

You will be able to use skills, improvements, new ships.
With 50 levels that will be updated over time to add more. We expect 10 levels every 15-7 days.

– Infinite modes:
Arcade games with unlimited time. Global ranking via PLayGames

Style 360: Aiming will be done in all directions.
Style 180: Always looking to the right.
Turret Style: You will circle over a station to protect it.



Imspacebleis ported on Google Play Store for Android users. The game is free.



  • Galaxy Spaceships Game has arcade game style
  • This Galaxy Strike, Spaceshooter Game is a casual & strategic game
  • Manage your money correctly while enjoying this Infinite Shooter Game
  • Galaxy Sky Fighter Game is a frenzied game based on the bullet hells
  • Break the rules of what is usually a Galaxy Spaceships Game
  • Collect as much money as you can in Galaxy Strike, Spaceshooter Game.
  • Upgrade/buy your ships and weapons to Destroy Enemy in Sky Fighter Game
  • Enjoy IMSPACEBLE: Space Ship Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter by finding new maps, bullets, and ships
  • All modes in this Galaxy Sky Fighter Game offers money for Adventure mode
  • Get new adventure levels every week & enjoy Space Shooter Game: Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter
  • We work on new content every month to let you enjoy the Galaxy Shooter Game: Destroy Enemy, Sky Fighter Game.
  • New weapons, ships, and upgrades will be available soon in this Galaxy Spaceships Game: Galaxy Strike, Spaceshooter Game


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