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Success Story: John Pablo

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John Pablo an artist.

My name is John Pablo, I am 41 years old, I am married and I have a 6-year-old daughter, I am graduated in Administration and Marketing, I have always drawn, I have won many contests here in my neighborhood and with time some more serious, I have already won a car at 11 years in a drawing contest and I think it was my best prize!

How did you develop a fondness for works of art?

I draw since I was a child, my oldest memory is when I was only 3 years old. I have always been highlighted at school for my drawings, and the fact that I am bad at sports left me with a lot of time to develop the drawing, I believe it turned my isolation into something good.

Did John Pablo study works of art?

I studied a little painting in small courses, but I didn’t identify myself, I wanted to do something more modern, something more innovative.

Where did you learn that from?

As I said a little while ago, drawing since I was a child, just like my mother and, like my grandfather, I think my lack of skill in sports and shyness helped in this journey and, as I am of very poor origin, I learned to make my toys with paper, Styrofoam and wood. I developed the ability to model and make sculptures with these materials.

Why did you choose graphic design as a profession?

I think that frustration with painting on canvas led me to think more about digital art, I worked in places that developed didactic material for distance learning, right after going to the games area that I am today, I believe that I finally found myself. I still need to study a lot, a lot is being created and I have to keep up! The companies I worked on related to games were: Manifesto Games one of the largest in Brazil, and FUN PLUS, a large game company in China, today I am an independent illustrator.

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