Success Story: Jordan

Jordan, ARTIST DISCOVERS His TRUE NATURE THROUGH THE JOY of creating characters to fill them.

My name is Jordan and I was born and raised in the island country New Zealand, just below Australia. Our country is very interested in arts and culture, and this is most definitely where my passion for art and design originated from.

Can you talk about your artistic roots a little bit? How did it all start for you?

Game Design and Development has always been a small industry, but as of late it has boomed, especially with the release of Path of Exile which was made here. Game design was never an idea for me as a kid, the industry never existed here and there definitely aren’t any AAA companies, but indie games have come back into popularity and it has given us hobbyists a chance to create worlds and characters to fill them.

Did Jordan study artwork?

I do have a background studying game development, but was definitely the kid who would study at home and pass the others in the class, and quickly grew tired of learning game design in an institution, as it was always outdated, taken from a video. I had already seen or just not what I needed to know. It’s a subject better learned by yourself with the countless resources available to you. So I decided to learn art instead. I had always enjoyed art but never thought game development would be so accessible as it is now.

My Upcoming Project!

I speak as if I have already released a game, however, ours is still in a development stage, but I have learned a lot from the process so far, and am excited to continue learning. Our project, ‘Detective’s Advocate’ has recently become a team of three, myself as the artist, Kat as our skilled coder, and the talented Grayson as a composer.

The project is based in a fictional hellish setting and follows the story of four siblings trying to solve mysteries and bring order to the chaotic world and bring down the evil Lucifer.

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