Jorge Henrique

Jorge Henrique is an artist.

Tell me about yourself?
I am Brazilian and born in the interior of the Northeast, completing the Faculty of Bachelor of Science and Technology, where I had my first contact with programming. I’ve been passionate about games since I was very young, and my knowledge of programming made me closer to my dream, which would be to create a successful game that millions of people would play and it also brought me a lot closer to the art world, more specifically focused on games. Today I continue studying and improving myself so that one day I can launch my so dreamed game.

Tell me about your work experience?
I worked (still work) a long time with mobile apps and websites programming and in the little time, I have left I work on my game and arts. I’ve been in this game development world since the beginning of this year, so I still have little experience, but within that time I’ve done several things that add knowledge, I’ve worked with mechanics programming, arts and game design.

At what age did you start doing work and develop a love for artwork?
The passion for art itself I have since I was very young, around 10/12 years old. I scribbled on paper and at one time I even had a notebook full of drawings, which were cartoons that I watched at the time and that inspired me as Megas XLR, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Dc Characters, Marvel and among many others, I had several handmade arts, but I lost them all over time and today I only have some that I made recently, for my game.

How did you develop a fondness for artwork?
I always liked to communicate through paper and art, I was inspired by an uncle who drew, so I saw his drawings and dreamed of doing something similar to that, plus my friends at school were nerds too, so the people always liked to draw and the cartoons that were shown on TV at that time were very important to this passion for art and drawing.

Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?
No, I never studied, but today I take some courses in pixel art, digital painting, flat design and even 3D. In some Brazilian and foreign courses too.

Why did you choose art as a profession?
Simply passion, that’s the defining word.

Who are your biggest influences?
Eric Barone, Toby Fox, Paul Robertson, Waneella, Glauber Kotaki.

How do you become a successful artist?
I think there is no other way, other than training and training, just like any other work, you become an expert by practising.

What makes you good and different from others?
It wouldn’t necessarily be better than the other one, but better than I was two days ago, to see your progress, that’s pretty cool. I think that when you find a style that is yours, your brand and that no one will be able to take away, then you will hit the target.

What does your art represent and does art mean to you?
Art for me is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, ways to express yourself. Throwing on paper everything that you have stored in your mind, so that other people can see and be inspired too, it’s unique, it’s priceless.



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