Darkness Totems

Upcoming Game: Josh Journey: Darkness Totems

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems is developed and published by Provincia Studio.

About Game:

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems is a hand-drawn beat’em up game about four brave heroes, that use their skills to defeat the Nightmare Monsters using special combo attacks in co-op gameplay. The game has different environments such as Wind, Water, Desert, and Industrial.

The game has epic battles with Big Bosses, Josh, Farquol, Melina, and Z.O.Z. Josh, the Swordsman, uses the wind element. He has great dexterity, favoring quick, decisive strikes, and the ability to quickly navigate his environment.  Melina, the Sorceress, uses the water element. She adds to that powerful crowd control capacities and optional support powers. Farquol, the Nomad, uses the earth element. He is a tough hero who is part of a mystical and tribal community. Z.O.Z., the Multitask Robot, uses the fire element. He presents a wide range of skills, such as explosive long-distance projectiles and bombs, that sways between violent means and the smart usage of props and hazards.


The upcoming game is ported to steam.  It has no in-app purchases.

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems Features:

  • Single-player game
  • 2D handwritten animation
  • Different Environments
  • Battles with Big Bosses
  • Gameplay is smooth
  • Easy built-in controls
  • No in-app purchases
  • High-quality graphics

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems Demo is available at the below link. Go and test the demo version of this amazing game. The final release date will be confirmed soon.


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