Julio and Julietthe

Julio and Julietthe Pixel artirts.

Tell me about yourself?
We do PixelArt mostly backgrounds animations.

Tell me about your work experience?
We had made the background for podcasts and video games.

At what age did you start doing work and develop a love for artwork?
We start last year in 2020, we are 21 and 27, we start for fun because of the lockdown.

How did you develop a fondness for artwork?
From mixing the colours to making the animations, is a whole process in Pixel sometimes less is more.

Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?
We didn’t have proper studies for it, but we watched a lot of videos and for references an online course.

From where did you learn this?
We have been always interested in video games, so the pixel art style catch us and we say, yes why not.

Why did you choose art as a profession?
We hope so, in the future to do it professionally.

Who are your biggest influences?
One of our biggest Influences and you can see it in our previous works is Katana Zero.

How do you become a successful artist?
We don’t consider ourselves successful artists we are just having fun and enjoying what we do.

What makes you good and different from others?
We pay a lot of attention to the detail and also we give extra to the clients, so they can have more than expected.

What does your art represent and does art mean to you?
Art is a way of seeing life, represents a break from our daily routines.



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