Burger Place Djevano is a management game by Pagie Portal, where the player has to serve burgers with different kinds of layers, fizzy drinks, fries, and coffee.

Make the burgers with a massive selection of ingredients as customers demand. The burger place chef needs to serve burgers and beverages according to the customer order. Burger Place has the finest features to check the player how to cope with working in rush hours.

Serve your customers with your quick services and earn money that you can use to shop for your restaurant.

You can buy more coins by paying online to expand your burger shop.

Burger Place Djevano has 24 levels and each level challenges you by increasing customers’ orders. Cook as fast as you can to manage your customer’s orders.

Update of Burger Place Djevano

We’re changing the User interface of Burger Place Djevano to upgrade the quality of the game. The user interface of the game will enhance the aspect of the game.

The main menu and level selection screen will be modified.

Graphics quality also complements the game. Customers’ will be innovated to improve the gaming performance. Contemporary assets will be added on.

Pagie Portal is trying to make performance improvements and upgrade the assets. Don’t forget to upgrade the game for an amazing experience! Create a better fast-food restaurant to engage your customers’.

The game is made by Pagie Portal


Let’s become a marvelous master chef! So now Download the Burger Place Djevano and start practicing your cooking skills for serving your hungry customers and making them satisfied by mouth-watering burgers on time.

Serve your customers as fast as you can with your great service and test your management skills.

We are looking forward to it


Updated Game Release Date

29th June, 2020

Download The Game

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