League of Legends

League of Legends Tips and Tricks

League of Legends is developed and published by Riot Game.

About Game:

League of Legends is a MOBA multiplayer genre PC game. It is played in a three-dimensional isometric perspective. Players compete in matches assuming the role of champion. In each game mode, teams work together to achieve a victory.


League of Legends is ported to Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Tips and Tricks!

  • Stay behind minions

Staying behind minions waves will help you as moving shields which will save you from enemies. This tip will also help you to concentrate on hitting your specific targets using your abilities.

  • Try to Survive

It is a very important tip in the League Of Legends. Whenever you get killed by an enemy, the enemy gets a lot of gold, and dying repeatedly will give the enemy to upgrade more quickly. So make sure you try to survive as long as it is possible for you. Don’t give up.

  • Learn the HotKeys and Languages

HotKeys will save you in League of Legends which will also help you in winning a battle. Try to memorize the main HotKeys. Moreover, you also try to learn the language for communicating, this way also saves keystrokes and it will save time too.

  • Play With Friends and Communicate with them

Always try to play with friends. When you are playing with a friend you know that’s instantly one less noob on your team and you’re already likely to do better. Also, try to communicate with your team. If you’re not playing with a friend sitting with you it becomes difficult to communicate so make sure you communicate effectively with each other. It will help you to win than playing in silence.

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