Leena Al Ayoobi

Leena Al Ayoobi Success Story

How do you become a successful artist?  Do you follow any road map? In reality, each artist has followed a variety of paths to achieve their goals. An artist is similar to an engineer/doctor and not only has an eye for colors but also has clung to complex practical details. Artists have incredible success stories that describe how they went from beginner to practiced artist. Here is another success story of how the artist become a successful artist.

Leena Al Ayoobi a self-taught artist.

I’m a self-taught artist, I studied business management and have worked in the corporate world (banking and business consultancy) for more than 10 years, only recently (2014) I have left my career to start another professional career in what I’m passionate about. I am a local Bahraini artist and designer (Founder and owner of Dar Alfann Gallery) and a member of the Bahrain Art Society, my artwork is influenced by my Arabian culture and traditions with a touch of Japanese manga art style as I’ve been influenced by it since childhood.

Did you study artwork?

I only studied recently to add to my collection of certificates more than skills, I’ve been always learning online and going through tutorials to enhance my skills.

How did Leena Al Ayoobi develop a fondness for artwork?

I’ve been drawing since I was 5 years old, mainly influenced by Japanese manga and anime broadcasted on TV during that time.

From where did you learn this?

My main inspiration is Hayao Miyazaki, and Studio Ghibli productions, which were the foundation of my interest and learning.

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