Legends of Runeterra

About the game

Legends of Runeterra is played 1v1. Each player begins the match with a hand of four playing cards randomly selected from their card deck, a 20-health-point nexus, and zero mana. Before the match begins, each player also has the option to trade out any of the first four cards they drew for random different ones from their deck.


Legends of Runeterra is available for android, iOS, Microsoft Windows.[/vc_column_text]

Tips and tricks:

The following are tips and tricks for the smooth gameplay.

  • Use the board as your engine

Managing the board efficiently will allow you to get more value out of your cards and is especially important in the early game.

Depending on circumstances, units on your board represent being able to:

  • Attack
  • Block
  • Use as an activator for combat tricks (ex. Brothers’ Bond)
  • Enable Support abilities (ex. Herald of Spring)
  • Enable removal abilities (ex. Single Combat)
  • Enable Last Breath abilities (ex.
  • Draw cards (ex. Glimpse Beyond or River shaper)
  • Summon other units (ex. having a Yeti for Tall Tales)
  • Generate spells (ex. Karma)


  • Play through all the challenges

Legends of Runeterra currently have 20 single-player challenges for players to complete, and these are basically like tutorials on many of the different aspects of the gameplay. You’ll get some XP from completing them, but most importantly, you’ll walk away with a better core understanding of the game’s mechanics and keywords.

  • Reroll Daily Quests when you need to

Daily Quests are a fantastic source of XP, which in turn helps you unlock cards, shards, and Wildcards and grow your collection. If you have a quest to, say, play a deck using specific Champions that you don’t own, well, you can just reroll it to find a quest you can actually complete.

  • Spells Also Play a Little Differently

To accommodate this new round system, spells are also a little different in Legends of Runeterra. There are a few different spell “speeds,” that will affect when you can cast a spell and how an opponent can react. Burst spells can be used at any time and the opponent can’t counter them. Fast spells can also be played at any time, but the opponent can reply with other Fast and Burst spells. Finally, slow spells can only be played outside of combat and can be warded off by the opponent.

While this is covered in the initial tutorial rounds, it can easily slip your mind, especially if you play decks without too many spells.

Legends of Runeterra
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