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Laleh Games presenting a game LISA: Fly beyond Stars by Reza Ebadi

LISA: Fly beyond Stars is a complete different platformer game with beautiful minimal art designs. Relaxing piano music’s and tap and jump gameplay. a journey that begins with piano and ends with piano! The star you are looking for will not be found easily. This journey is different and you should keep jumping to find best way of jumping beyond star. And you have to constantly jump from platform to platform to set new records & and testing your jumping skills, because jumping is different in LISA: Fly beyond Stars! Do not forget that the moonlight will always help you!

Lisa is waiting for you to join her and start endless journey to fly beyond stars, to jump under moonlight and find the lost star. Start your journey on a sunset, fly on a rainy night, soar up a beautiful plain under the moonlight, and jump with piano notes and leave sandstorms behind in the hot deserts. You will discover the strange secret of the lonely forest, you will find the reason for the relaxing calm of the sea and you will be looking for him on a cold and snowy day. Tap at the best timing and fly to the stars, jump and land as far as beyond stars! Listen to the Lisa’s voice to jump correctly. Change your color to fly & jump as you like. The sound of the piano will caress your soul and the music will make you curious to know the truth of Lisa’s story. Set up on a whole new journey! Tap and hold to fill in the Lisa and decide when to release to jump to next platforms and reach the lost star with moonlight guide! Platforms are not same, so that finding the lost star is not easy!


• A unique experience, you will experience a game that you have not experienced anywhere else. A new and attractive idea.

A variety of game locations, from sunset to a rainy city, from the vast plain under the moonlight to a lush forest, from a mysterious desert to a soothing sea, and from a beautiful snowy day to the depths of darkness within Lisa. All of these will be fascinating, beautiful and different places to play.

• Easy to learn, difficult to master. Simple and enjoyable controls and mechanics, which will double the pleasure of the game experience.

• A fascinating and engaging story, Lisa’s sad story that narrates her challenges in life and makes you think from moment to moment.

• Relaxing and pleasant music. In all moments of the game, you will hear eight beautiful relaxing piano music that will help you understand Lisa.

• Intriguing UI/UX, minimal visual effects and sound effects, Headphones recommended!

LISA: Fly beyond Stars is currently available on playstore with no in-app purchase. It is an amazing game with alluring graphics and relaxing sound make you captivating as to start playing a game. Highly recommended. Must play.

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