Lucy Success Story


Lucy, a 15-year-old artist.


Tell me about yourself?

I’m Lucy/Sung-won, a 15-year-old artist currently in the U.S.


Tell me about your work experience?

I did some commissions for articles and institutions in Korea.


At what age did you start doing work and developed a love for digital artwork?

Ever since I was very young, I spent a lot of time alone since my parents were busy. During that time I would just keep on drawing and making art.


How did you develop a fondness for artwork?

Art has always been special to me. I feel like I’m most like myself when I’m creating art.


Did you study artwork? If yes then from where?

I consider myself self-taught, but I do like to learn more about art through books and youtube videos.


From where did you learn this?

Mostly myself.


Why did you choose digital artwork as a profession?

I wouldn’t consider it a profession. I just enjoy making and posting art online so that people can enjoy it.


Who are your biggest influences?

Jin Kim, a Korean animator has been my biggest influence so far.


How do you become a successful artist?

I think consistency is key. It doesn’t matter if you’re posting every day or every week, as long as you’re motivated to keep making art and try to improve your skills.


What makes you a good graphic designer and different from others?

I still think of myself as a baby artist, so I would say my potential and overall love and enthusiasm for art.


What Does Your Artwork Represent?

My feelings or thoughts.


What Does Your Art Mean to You?

Everything and more. Art is the thing that is always helping me no matter what situation I’m in.


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