Ludo Kings

Game: Ludo Kings

Ludo Kings is developed and published by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd.

About Game:

Ludo King board genre 2D game. The game is played between a minimum of 2 friends and a maximum of 4 friends. You can also play online with any random people or with a computer. Moreover, the game has also a teaming up option of 2 verses 2 people. The objective of the game is to move 4 tokens from the starting point to enter the home. Whoever comes the home first, wins the games.

Ludo Kings Platforms:

The game is ported to Google Play Store, App Store, Windows, and Kindle. It is free to play with in-app purchases.

Tips and Tricks Ludo Kings!

  • Collect all the free coins

Always collect all the free coins that you get daily because it will help you to play for a longer.

  • Play with Facebook

Always play with Facebook login to save your progress and it will also take help from your friends.

  • Watch Ads

You can earn 500 coins by watching the ad. It will help you when you have fewer coins and need more coins to start the game.

  • Kill the opponent enemy and keep your eyes open

While playing the game, you should be alert. Always try to kill the opponent as soon as possible to stay safe and win the game.

  • Decide your gameplay carefully

You need to decide for victory and killing the opponent first and then play accordingly your to decision.

Ludo Kings
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