Lunar Island

Upcoming: Lunar Island

Lunar Island is presented by the Chaituhamster Studios.

The game is a 2D game with thrilling game mechanics and retro-style graphics. Lunar Island has Bats spawn during evening and monsters spawn at night with a good background sound effects to challenge you.

The game prototype has been released. It is available on the Windows and macOS. Lunar Island has no in-game purchases. The final release will be decided in a month or two. Until then you can test the prototype from the below link.

You can check the mechanics of player movement, time changing, enemy spawning, and player attack from the above prototype link.

The game is at the start of the developing stage. The developers are making sure to work on each development phase in detail for their players.

Lunar Island Features:

  • Free to Play
  • Smooth controls
  • Great game mechanics
  • Sound effects
  • Retro styles graphics
  • Island background

How to Play?

  • W to move upwards
  • D to move right
  • A to move to left
  • S to move downwards
  • Left mouse button to attack
  • E to drop the items if you have
  • Alt to zoom in and zoom out

If you like PC retro-style graphics games then you will definitely like this one.

Initial Release Date: Not Confirmed yet

Publisher: Chaituhamster Studios.

Platform: Windows and macOS

Genre: Adventure

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