Lure: The King's Gold

Lure: The King’s Gold is developed by Moorland Games and sponsored by Armor Games.

Lure: The King’s Gold is an adventure and arcade genre game. It is a storytelling video game in which there is an old man who is getting ready for going to fishing and suddenly his door knocks when the old man opens the door a royal messenger is standing and asking him to go along with him to the king’s castle.

The king ordered the old man to act as bait and run around the enemy’s castle for targeting him. King’s daughter, promises to marry the old man on one condition that if he comes back alive.

This is a concept based game of a normal human being in this greedy world. It is a PC game. Lure: The King’s Gold has been released on the Newgrounds. The developer has also planned to release the game Windows PC version on “” until autumn. The game is free to play with no in-game purchases.

Lure: The King’s Gold Features:

  • Free to Play
  • Gameplay with smooth controls
  • No in-app purchases

How To Play?

Player 1!

move: WSAD or arrow keys

hit: C

throw spear: V

pause: ESC

Player 2!

move: arrow keys

hit: K or NUMPAD 2

throw spear: L or NUMPAD 1

pause: P

bark: O

Will the Princess will marry him?

Find out by playing the game! Go now and play the game from the below link.

The Lure: The Gold King’s Team has a great vision, the idea is to give players a pre-release version of this game with level editor included so that anyone can build their maps, then send it and the developers will release this game with all fan-made maps included.

Here’s more information about that:

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