Mario Kart Tour

About Game:

Mario Kart Tour is a kart racing single-player and multiplayer genre game. The game differs from the traditional gameplay of the Mario Kart series, where the objective is to reach the finish line in first; this game utilizes a point-based system.


Mario Kart Tour is available on Google Play Store and App Store.[/vc_column_text]

Tips and Tricks

  • Collecting Coins

Collect as many coins as you can while racing because they play a very important role as a currency to purchase items, tune-up your engine, and boost your speed.  10 coins give the engine extra power.

  • Drift through corners manually

You can easily drift in Mario Kart Tour by swiping left or right and holding your finger long enough, begin to drift. Moreover, it is suggested to drift manually by turning on this feature. Manual drift gives you a bonus of Ultra mini-turbo, which is the highest speed boost you can get for drifting.

  • Use Slipstream

By using Slipstream you get a speed boost by riding in another driver’s wake. When little wisps billowing around your kart, you will remain under the influence of the handy boost.

  • Use gravity-defying

You can speed up and smash into other players while you both have your blue anti-gravity wheels out in use. Also, keep an eye on neon-blue-tinged objects. Tapping these will put you into a spin and send you racing ahead just a faster.

Mario Kart Tour
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