Moonpointgames presenting Concurrent by Ben Koper

About Game:


Concurrent is an action-thriller experience about time reversal. The gameplay of this game has been thought out and thoroughly researched with great care. The experience we want to give the player should be like any great game: satisfying, rewarding and fast. The game is designed for replayability with the ability to fully dominate the game. We were inspired by cinematic works like Tenet & Inception and games with people like SUPERHOT & Hitman. Each level will be arranged and designed to create open and endless ways to reach the goal. Our goal is to give the player the ability to replicate the same adrenaline rush as an action-packed summer movie in the style of a blockbuster. Most of the game development will be streamed live on YouTube!


The Game Play:


The game will allow the player to turn back time without being affected by a single button. Most enemies, bullets, vehicles, etc. will reverse. However, some objects and enemies do not, leading to unique gameplay opportunities. You will be able to upgrade and unlock different weapons, tools and skills. Some tools include explosives, smoke grenades, and flashbangs. Different parts of the environment will be interactive, such as lights, alarms and more. With all the knowledge you learn about the level, you can turn back time and make better decisions. Our goal is to provide endless ways to accomplish an objective, whether it’s setting a trap, poisoning your target, shooting, or more.


The Story:

You are an agent assigned to assassinate targets, handle hostage and robbery situations, car/foot chase sections, and more.  One of the current levels we are working on is a motocross-style chase through the Amalfi coast. Some of the other grand locations in-game will be a Fashion show in Paris, a high lifestyle nightclub in Dubai, the concrete jungles of Tokyo, the Deserts of Jordan, a lab in Japan, and more. Opportunities for level design and map-making are absolutely endless.

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Game Platforms and Releasing date if it is an upcoming game?

PS4 & 5, XBOX, PC, Switch. Upcoming game 2023 release date.

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Concurrent is a game about time inversion. The gameplay for this game has been thought out and researched tremendously. The experience we want to give to the player should be satisfying, rewarding, and fast-paced. The game is designed for replay-ability with the option to fully master the gameplay. We were inspired by movies such as Tenet & Inception, and games such as SUPERHOT & Hitman. Each level will be crafted to open endless ways to complete the objective. We are aiming to give the player the same feel as a James Bond movie. Most of the game’s development will be live streamed on YouTube! There will be a Kickstarter soon to get the last bit of funding for the game.

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