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Natasha Naome Gapare an artist.

My name is Natasha Naome Gapare. I am a 17-year-old Zimbabwean female student that attends the Oude Molen Academy of Technology and Science High School which is located in Cape Town, South Africa. I am working my way out to be an engineer or an electrician.

My love for art has been so unconditional. It all began at the age of 4 that was way back in 2008. The best moments of my years as a toddler. I was inspired by a university student who came to our pre-school as a volunteer.

From across the distance, my eyes were captivated by the A4 page she held in her hand. Now as a curious girl I wondered what was on that page. I wanted to know what she was doing. I noticed she also had a pencil in her hand. As I finally got the opportunity to observe with my very own eyes, I was completely mind blown. It was a drawing of the most beautiful creature one has ever seen.

The creature had beautiful features of a woman’s upper body and her lower body was of a long fishtail. Everything seemed so immaculate. I wanted her to draw a mermaid similar to the one on the page that she gave to another little girl from the other classroom. It was too late. The bell had rung for home time and she seemed to be in a rush. That was the last time I remembered seeing her.

From that day, I became too eager to see what it’s like to draw. I was completely inspired by a random drawing. I loved to draw random things such as objects, things in nature, butterflies, and horses. I’m just so addicted to it. From that phase, that’s when I became more interested in drawing people’s faces. I am a Michael Jackson fan so I wanted to do a little test out to see if I could draw his face. I am more into pencil art than working digitally.

Over years of practice that’s when I knew I could do it. It was in my blood! Without art, I would feel like a being walking with an empty soul. Imagine life without color and creativity! Life would be so wonderful if we never get to share the gift of creativity.

I only attended a few art lessons that was hosted by my teacher, Mrs. Levin who was a second-grade teacher at Sea Point Primary  I learned so much from her during that short period of my time there. After moving to a new school I stopped attending art lessons because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for them. I decided to then continue teaching myself to get better at drawing.

I am hoping to make my art a profession and my engineering career one day. I want to share and inspire many out there in the world. I don’t have any big influencers in the art industry. Well, I guess I could say I am my influencer and motivation. Though considered to be the quiet character by many, my art is a representation of me as a whole. It’s a true blessing. It represents a gift! Art means the whole world to me and I am truly grateful to have such blessed hands and a mind that has allowed me to express my ways through art.


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