News About Pagie Portal


Ever wondered what can a team of dedication, Visionary and hardworking looks like …… don’t get it twisted …… I’m not talking about some construction worker, fire fighters or even doctors…. Well we do appreciate each and every one of them with their hard work…. we thank you all…. Well back to the subject. If you’re still wondering what they look like…. they look like Pagie Portal .

Welcome to Pagie portal . A company Founded by multi-talented like himself Joey Pagie. His ideas of hiring multi-tasking team and giving young youth a job opportunity, to full fill and show off their skills have put him in one the best spots he could ever be today.

Pagie portal

is a Dubai Based Company with more than 5 business avenue and growing day by day, we specialize in advertising sports clubs, graphics designing, Web designing, Creating 2D and 3D mobile games & marketing planning Via social media.

What have Pagie Portal game team created till now?

Well …… page portal have team of professionals whom have created 2D & 3D mobile app games. We have put out more than five (5) games such as, Wyst Adventure, racing the Djani, bubble with Djealy, Drink Drink …… and last but not the least our one of the best project Wyst Candy Paradise. With more than 20,000 users and growing.

Is there any website yet?

Yes ……. Pagie portal have clients all over the world who have hired us, to build them the most attractive and venerable websites. For their user.

With most approaching reliable prices and free maintenance packages up to 24 months. The offer which are not easy to neglect. For more information on the offers you can visit our Website

What about sports clubs?

We support all indoors and outdoors game, for kid, teen & adults. Therefore, we approach to different sport clubs to receive a sponsorship. In order to spread our awareness in the community.

I know you might be willing to know why we want to spread the awareness ……. Actually is only for a good cause. With our Pagie portal site, we also run a Joeys Foundation for the kids. The kids who are suffering from various illness at the hospitals, kids who are not able afford a joyful gadget. we collect for them all used and new game console, Xboxes, PlayStation, mobiles, tablets laptops pc, Nintendo’s etc. and make their stay and worth spending.

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