North Peak Games


Callum Nuttall is the creator of North Peak Games.


About the Game:

The game is set on a spaceship that’s locked down because a team of hostile aliens are attacking. The other team are the astronauts who are currently divided into two classes, the Engineer and the Marine. Both classes offer different abilities and useable items. Each team wins by killing the other and using their abilities to help them. The alien team can also win by breaking the 5 key areas of the ship, after each point is broken, the aliens get a little advantage, for example; setting off all the steam pipes when the temperature module is damaged which then in turn damages the astronauts when they pass through them.

We’ve been developing it for over a year and still get excited sneaking, shooting and running about breaking and fixing the ship. We would love it if we get a decent sized player base on release who can enjoy the game with us and help us improve it.

Game Platforms and Releasing date if it is an upcoming game?

Initially aiming for steam as this is how we’ve been testing the multiplayer.

Does the game have any in-app purchases?

Nope, making a complete game is difficult enough.

Anything you would like to mention in the article?

There’s 2 of us making the game with the help from some friends when things break. We want to make a game that’s easy for us to jump in and out of, and have a laugh. Anyone will be able to play it and do their own thing or co-ordinate with their team. There are not always enough hours in the day to work on this game and relax so progress looks slow but we’re still grafting away, planning to publish it this year.

How many players in a game – 2-10

How we’re making it

2 Developers
Unreal 4 for the blueprints/code
3D softwares for creating and animating characters
Loads of tutorials
Perforce server to share files with each other
Trello for planning
Discord for communication
Help from friends to fix, improve and play test the game
Free sounds
Unreal marketplace
Googling like a mad man when something breaks


We still have a lot to fix, polish and add before then though. Sometime in the middle of this year we think it will be ready to release it.

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